Website Design

Looking for a beautiful new or updated website design?

Let us take your tired old looking website and breathe new life into it or create you a brand new website, one your will be proud of!

Bespoke & Unique

Full Control

Never be held to ransom by a web designer again, being charged to make small changes to your website.

You Own It

It is in your name, you are responsible for it and have full access to do what you want, when you want.

You Run It

We will even send you a video showing you how to maintain the back end (unless you want us to do it for you). Choice is yours.

About Bambi

Your website is the most important and powerful tool in your marketing kit! It also helps your customers to establish that you’re professional, worthy of consideration, and influences whether they will do business with you. So it’s vital that when people are window shopping and ‘peering in’ to your business online, they like what they see!

Through my line of work as a business coach, I noticed that many of my clients struggled when it came to anything tech or IT-related, especially when it came to managing their website and social media channels.  I had also heard a lot of horror stories about people who had engaged a digital / marketing agency, spent thousands of dollars on a website, and it wasn’t what they wanted! Or worse, they couldn’t even access their own site when they wanted to make changes to it!

I saw a need for a simple, accessible, cost-effective web-design service, designed specifically for female business owners.  And thankfully, I know a thing or two about building websites!

What You Can Expect

I work closely with a web developer whose expertise is outstanding especially when it comes to problem solving and business solutions. Together we can pack so many bells and whistles into a website it will make your head spin! 

We are now offering our combined talents to female entrepreneurs, because that is where our hearts lie, with women trying to build a business and become self sufficient and self supported.

Accordingly, you don’t need to pay an agency $10,000, $20,000 or more to create you a website, we are able to do that for you at an affordable price.

Contact us today and let’s build that website you desire and deserve!

Beautiful Ready Made Templates To Choose From

Choose a layout and let us customise it for you with your colours, images, fonts and branding.

Start with a designer from those below, brief us on what you would like and then let us do the heavy lifting for you. We will design a beautiful modern fresh website that you will proud to send your clients to.

We start by ascertaining your needs and then present you with a variety of templates to choose from. You then get to create your content and we shall ensure it is displayed effectively.

Fitness Trainer
Make-up artist screenshot
Make-up Artist


Our team can design bespoke images for your website or upload your own high resolution images.


We have a suite of applications that we can install and support your marketing efforts. Let us know what you need and we have a solution.

WaaS Hosting

Looking for something sophisticated that works with all your franchises? We have solutions we can implement for you.


We can manage and keep your website up to date, secure and safe from hackers. If you need changes we can always assist.


Bambi is a genius at her work. She has been able to fix an ongoing problem on my website in a few hours! I recommend her to everyone? Best part about her is a genuine heart and a brain to match!

Marilou Coombe

Consultant & Coach

Bambi is someone whom I recommend to everyone. I had paid good money for my website to be updated and easy for me to control but every-time I went to edit something it just didn’t work it was very frustrating. I asked Bambi to have a look and what she found was a huge box of tangled coat hangers. Her dedication to undoing the tangled mess in the dashboard was inspiring. She was determined to complete what ended up being a devilish job. With a smile and a well-functioning website and she succeeded well beyond my expectations. Her attention to detail and her communication is exemplarily.

Joy Fairhall

Wellness Practitioner